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Hair Therapy

Color, shape and texture are the elements that define the art of hair design. Our continued success is due to creating individual hairstyles for each guest to enhance their looks, compliment their facial structure, fashion style and lifestyle. Our highly accomplished team of professionals can maintain your current design or build a new look planned for you. All quotes for hair services are subject to the length and condition of the hair.

Cut & Style

  • Blow dry $20 and up
  • Cut and style for men $25 and up
  • Cut and style for women $40 and up


  • Perms $85 and up
  • Partial perm $55 and up
  • Straightener $85 and up


  • Foils one color $85 and up
  • Multiple colors additional $20 and up
  • Basic color $75 and up
  • Color correction $85 and up
  • Eyelash $20.
  • Eyebrow $20.

Hair & Scalp Treatments

  • Spa conditioning treatment $35 and up
  • Dandruff treatment $35 and up
  • Oily scalp treatment $35 and up
  • Fine / thinning hair treatment $35 and up

Platinum Hair Extensions

    Hair extensions are made from 100% natural remy human hair. Price of extensions available upon consultation.


Bringing you the latest in relaxation and modern day spa services. Our products incorporate the natural elements of the Earth and Sea so that you receive optimum benefits.  Stop, unwind...spend an hour or indulge into the day. Let us introduce you to new rituals in body treatments, health and beauty. We offer a full line of professional hair, skin and cosmetic products.


Gift certificates are just a phone call away. You can make a difference for someone special in your life. Each gift certificate is beautifully packaged for your convenience.

Choose your service from the list below

Skin Care Therapies/Facials

  • Le Grande Signature Facial
    1hour $70

    The signature facial deep cleanses, rejuvenates, minimizes pores and wrinkles. It is excellent for a beginning and maintenance facial. This facial includes steaming, extractions, high frequency and a lip and eye mask. Truly relaxing.

  • Le Grande Mini Facial
    30min $55

    Perfect for those with just a few minutes to spare. This facial includes cleansing a mask and a facial massage.

  • Gentleman’s Facial
    1hour $70

    Expressly designed for men, this facial begins with a proper skin cleansing, steaming with hot towel wrap and finishes with a nourishing cream designed to help relieve skin irritations and razor burn.

  • Microdermabrasion
    75min $125

    Is the ultimate advancement in non-surgical skin conditioning that immediately improves your skin's appearance. Treatments are mild, yet highly effective at removing fine lines and age spots from around the eyes, lips and neck. Acne scars can also be dramatically reduced. This treatment also includes organic polish and light therapy.

    Microdermabrasion Extras

    Add on any extra to your facial for ½ price

    Back of hands - $30
    Elbows - $20
    Knees - $40
    Chest - $125
    Back & Shoulders - $150

  • Organic Grain Polishing
    15min $20

    (Polish is included in the price of microdermabrasion)
    Organic grains polish the skin after microdermabrasion exfoliation, creating a smooth, baby’s finish.

  • LED Light Therapy
    $25 (add on to any facial)

    (Light therapy included in the price of microdermabrasion)

    Light Therapy stimulates collagen production over 200% within 24 hours of use. An affordable and non-invasive method of preventing and reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Rosacea, skin flushing calms from the very first treatment. Helps minimize scarring and speed up post surgical healing with LED Light Therapy. Temporarily relieves minor muscular pain. Helps scrapes, cuts, wounds and burns heal faster and better. Skin texture and tone improve from the first treatment. Non-invasive, no side effects or down time. Acne conditions can be successfully cleared using the BLUE wavelengths. We offer red and blue LED light therapy.

  • Lip Treatment
    30min $30

    For dry scaly lips a light enzyme peel then a quick microdermabrasion treatment will leave your lips looking fuller and more youthful.

  • Eye Treatments
    30min $30

    This treatment concentrates on the areas around the eyes to eliminate puffiness relieve congestion, minimize fine lines and dark circles.

Chemical Peels

    Our peels stimulate dramatic changes in the skin. Results vary from mild to deep exfoliation, smoothing, lightening and brightening of acne scars or pigmentation, healing blemishes or pre-mature aging. Rejuvenate and stimulate new cells and collagen production; vastly improve elasticity and the overall appearance of your skin. The strength and type of peel is adjusted with each treatment to achieve the desired results. We recommend a complimentary consultation prior to scheduling your peel appointment. Enhance any peel and maximize results by using a prep kit 10–14 days before your treatment. Pricing ranges from $75-$145.

Pampering Body Therapies

  • Full body massage

    The power of touch and ultimate in relaxation. The sensory journey and mind ritual. Customize your experience with the aroma of pure plant and flower essence. A consultation with your therapist will help you decide which technique will best suit your needs...Swedish, Shiatsu, Neuromuscular, Sports, Deep Tissue, Pressure Point, Reflexology, Reik,i Lymph, Drainage, Pre-Natal, Postpartum

    30 minute Session - $45
    Series of 5 - $200 (save$25)
    Series of 10 - $350 (save $100)
    60 Minute Session - $65
    Series of 5 - $300 (save$25)
    Series of 1 - 0$550 (save $100)
    90 Minute Session - $95
    Series of 5 - $450 (save$25)
    Series of 10 - $850 (save $100)
  • Hot Stone Massage infused with pure essence
    90min $105

    Experience the aromatic power of essential oils fused with the sensation of a smooth stone massage. Your chosen aroma will encompass the senses while the opposing sensations of warm and cool stones combined with massage techniques will balance, soothe and invigorate your body and soul.

  • Corporate Chair Massage

    Our massage therapist will travel to your office or special event and give your staff or friends and family a relaxing chair massage. This is sure to be hit with everyone around.

    Travel fee $10 (free with 8 or more people) | Each Massage $1 per minute


Our honey or cream wax safely removes hair while discouraging new hair growth. We cleanse your skin both before and after your service.

Full Arm from - $40
Half Arm from - $20
Lip or Chin from - $10
Full Face from - $40
Sideburns from - $15
Underarm from - $20
Back Waxing for men fro - $50
Chest Waxing from - $50
Full Leg from - $60
Half Leg from - $40
Bikini from - $35
Brazilian Bikini from - $75
Brow Tweeze from - $20
Brow Design from - $25
(Custom arching & shaping
for first time clients)

Brow Maintenancefrom - $15
(Clean-up only)

Waxing services cannot be preformed on clients taking Acutane, Retin A, or similar prescriptions due to the sensitivity of the skin. Hair must be grown out to 1/4". We do not recommend ingesting alcohol or caffeine before any waxing service.

Eyelash Services

Call for eyelash services.

Perfect Addons

  • Warm Stone Foot Release

    TLC for tense or tired feet. Feels utterly delicious!

  • Warm Stone Neck and Shoulder Massage

    Magically eases tense muscles and makes your massage session feel luxurious.

  • Scalp Tension Tamer

    Soothing scalp massage with relaxing lavender aromatherapy is perfect releasing the tensions of the day.

  • NEW: TMJ Release

    Integrative technique that includes trigger-point releases for stubborn jaw, and facial tension that cause pain and headaches.

  • Warm Seaweed Backpack

    warm, moist seaweed backpack provides concentrated relief for sore, muscles. A wonderful addition to any massage or body treatment.

  • Soul Soother
    30min $40

    Never get enough foot massage, this one's for you! A deeply-relaxing, delicious reflexology treatment that relaxes and revives the entire body. Available during your facial or pedicure).

  • Rain Rinse
    15min $5

    Shower, this is an add on must and a highlight for all spa services.


  • Cryopigmentation: Pain Free Permanent Cosmetics

    Thanks to Permanent Cosmetics you can say farewell to weak one-dimensional eyes, fading lips and disappearing eyebrows. We offer the newest, most advanced digital rotary machine, for implementing pigment. Combined with a Dermoline Cooling unit created by researchers in Europe, you no longer need to be scared of pain or concerned with post-treatment inflammation. Micropigmentation, together with cryotherapy, a revolutionary therapy that reduces pain and discomfort by 80%. When used during the application of permanent cosmetics, the cooling unit generates vascular constriction. This process reduces swelling and bleeding which allows more precise work without inflammation or red blotches. The initial procedure will generally take approximately 1½ hrs to 2-½ hrs. Follow up procedures usually do not require as much time as the initial procedure. Price includes Procedure and one Touch-up done within 6 months

    Eyeliner Upper or Lower - $250
    Eyeliner Upper and Lower - $400
    Lip Liner - $350
    Full Lips - $450
    Eyebrows (Varies) - $400
  • Make-up Lesson

    This hands-on experience will show you make-up techniques and colors that are just right for you. (Ideal for teens, too.)

  • Make-up Application

    For those special occasions when you want to look extra special. Create the best look for you for day, evening, work or play.

  • Bridal Make-up
    Bride from $85

    Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. Our two-step service ensures beautiful results. The Make-up Rehearsal and the Wedding Day Make-up. Your wedding day lipstick is our gift to you!

    Each additional person from $40 wedding day only | On-site wedding party make-up available
    $85 per hour, plus travel

Body Wrap Therapy

  • Dead Sea Salt Glow
    1hour $85

    Weather its exfoliating summer skin or shedding your winter coat. The salt glow is an exceptional exfoliation treatment for the whole body. Your skin is left feeling luxuriously soft, smooth, and hydrated.

  • Body Polish
    1hour $85

    Great for the wedding or prom day. An Exfoliation treatment to shed dull rough, dry skin. An application of customized blend of pure flower and plant essence moisturizers. Skin is left Smoother softer and well hydrated for your special event.

  • Seaweed Therapy Body Wrap
    1hour $90

    A detoxifying and nurturing body treatment that creates inner calm through the power of healing touch and plant ingredients of the Caribbean. This service includes a warm exfoliating seaweed masque, restorative body wrap, scalp and face massage.

  • Mud Body Wrap
    90min $90

    Gently vanquishing aches and pains, the Mud Wrap instills a state of deep relaxation and wellness into the very fibers of your being. Rich in natural vitamins, minerals and enzymes, this unaltered Black Magma rejuvenates your skin and restores you to a healthy life.

  • Back Facial
    1hour $75

    This Deep cleansing back treatment refines, smoothes and relieves your tired and stressed back. This treatment includes a cleansing scrub, back massage, a masque and moisturizer.

Hand and Foot Therapy

Hand and foot therapies are essential body maintenance. Your nails are expertly shaped, cuticles treated, nutrient-rich elixirs are applied to hydrate your skin and finished with polish or buffing for a natural shine.

  • Brisa & Light Concept Nails

    Our nails are an Acrylester resin that is bonded to your own nail without harsh chemicals or odors, protecting your own nails from daily wear and tear. So you can have the well-groomed hands you have always wanted - without damaging the structure of your natural nails.

    New set - $65

    Two week fill - $33
    Three week fill - $38
    Repairs - $4 to $10
  • Le Grande Spa Manicure
    ½ hour$35

    The nails are shaped and cuticles are treated. Hands and arms are exfoliated and conditioned with a.h.a. crystals and citric acids, followed by a relaxing massage. Hands are then dipped in paraffin wax for deep moisture penetration.

  • Traditional Manicure
    ½ hour$20

    Nails are shaped and cuticles are treated. Hands and arms are massaged. Nails are polished or buffed natural.

  • Le Grande Spa Pedicure
    1 hour$45

    This is not your average pedicure! Sit back and relax in a private treatment room with hydrotherapy foot bath chairs. Feet and calves are treated to a salt glow exfoliation treatment along with complete nail care. Enjoy the cooling effects of a marine mask, while your feet are surrounded with warm towels. Top it off with a luxurious foot and calf massage and your feet are sure to say "Thank You". Nails are then polished or buffed natural.

  • Hot River Stone Pedicure
    1 ½ hours$60

    In addition to the Le Grande pedicure; smooth, warm stones stroke muscles to eliminate excess fluids and reduce swelling and soreness.

  • Paraffin Treatments

    Experience the warmth of a Paraffin treatment that will leave your skin silky soft and smooth.

    Hands - $10
    With hand treatment - $8
    Feet - $20
    With foot treatment - $15

Le Grande Spa Packages

At Le Grande we believe that you or your loved ones deserve an escape to another world. We invite you to spend the morning, an afternoon or even an entire day with us. You are only minutes away from a new state of mind. Call today for a reservation or to purchase a gift certificate.

* Catered lunch is available on all packages for an additional $15

  • Gentleman’s Journey
    2 hours $155

    Rejuvenate your mind with an Essential back treatment followed by a one-hour massage, and then receive a thirty minute massage foot treatment with salt scrub followed by a warm shower. A journey worth taking.

  • The Grande Experience
    4 hours $200

    This is an exceptional getaway Starting with a LeGrande facial, a one hour massage with eye zone cold pack, le grande pedicure and manicure.

  • Destination
    2 hours $135

    This is for the one that knows exactly where they’re going. Starting with a one-hour massage with eye zone cold pack and le grande signature facial. Destination relaxed!

  • The Great Escape
    2 hours $140

    Escape from everyday pressure with our express package 30 min Massage with warm seaweed back pack just for sore shoulders and back, then onto a 30 min Facial for a skin balancing cleanse, finish with a warm soothing paraffin dip for the hands.

  • Body Harmony
    3 hours $150

    Head to toe harmony starts with ESensual body wrap, with a 30 min massage complimented with 20 min photo rejuvenation for the face balanced with a hand massage and warm shower.

  • Four Seasons
    5 hours $360

    Greet the change of each season with this deluxe package. In the Spring, Shed winters dry skin with Microdermabrasion, meet the summer sun with a exfoliating sea salt scrub, Fall into an autumn glow with a mud wrap and face old man winter with a hot stone massage ending with a warm shower. A gift she will cherish all year.

  • Princess for a day
    2 hours $125

    For girls ages 6 to 11 receive make-up application, mini pedicure, manicure then finish with a princess updo. The icing on the princess package is the bubbly & sweet treat. Mother may escort their princesses into the salon and receive a manicure & pedicure at a reduced rate.

  • Your Just For You Package
    Price By Quote

    Please ask one of our spa coordinator for more details on building a customized spa experience. Not sure on a package, Gift Certificates can be made any dollar amount.

    Ask us about our seasonal spa services.

A Bundle of Pampering

  • A Year of Facials (12)

    Pamper her all year with a signature facial package. No matter the season, her skin will be cleansed, analyzed, conditioned, and moisturized. She’ll end her year looking and feeling younger And that may be the best gift of all!

    Signature $770 or Signature Luxury $990 Gratuity not included.

  • Massages “The Power of Touch” (12)

    Purchase 12 massages (any type) your 12th is free. (To be used in a Twelve month period)

    $715 Gratuity not included.

  • Soul Soothers (12)

    One pedicure per month for twelve months! (To be used in one year)

    Le Grande Pedicure $495 Gratuity not included.

  • Manicures by the Handful (12)

    The ideal gift suited to grow strong attractive nails. Twelve luxurious treatments to repair, enrich, and beautify the hands.

    $216 Gratuity not included.

(appointment scheduling and policies)

Le Grande Salon and Day Spa will be open Monday through Friday from 9am - 7pm, and Saturday from 9am-3pm. Any late arrivals will be treated for the duration of the booked appointment time. Out of courtesy to our service providers and other guests, all cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance. All spa appointments for 2 or more hours must be secured with a credit card number and must be canceled 48 hours in advance. You will be charged 30% of the service if required advance notice is not provided. Because of safety and liability issues, we can not allow children in the treatment areas. Gratuities are not included, but graciously accepted. But referrals are always a nice gesture.

More Information

If you need information about any of our services, please feel free to use our contact form, send us an e-mail to, or give us a call at 828.327.9949.

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